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UniDaba 2018

30/06/2018 - 02/07/2018

- R250 – R600

It’s that time – our annual UNICYCLING CONVENTION.

For Wheel! It’s happening again.

This year we are taking it to Gauteng-alêng-alêng

Yes, the convention is journeying inland. We are following the gold into the economic powerhouses; Johannesburg, Midrand and Pretoria. We carefully selected a window which combined the holidays of the universities along with public and private schools. We preferred it to fall over a weekend so that people who work can attend 1 or 2 days. We decided to make it shorter. 3 Days.

What are we doing on those 3 days? You know – Unicycle Hockey, Fun Games, a social dingus, Muni, Urban Trials & Street and my personal favourite, the IUF Skill Levels. We’ve got a rad collection of activities but wait til you hear about the venues we managed to secure.

Day 1 is by the newly revamped basketball courts at Zoo Lake. They’re dank! The rejurvernation is part of Nike’s commitment to developing basketball and inspiring future athletes. Kind of like what we’re doing. For this project, Nike collaborated with two talented local artists, Faatimah Mohamed-Luke and Karabo Moletsane to create the new design of the Zoo Lake basketball courts. Combining elements from their own signature styles, the design is inspired by the concrete jungle of Joburg city and brings a distinctly and proudly African narrative to the game.

Lekker backdrop hey? So we’re not playing on the pretty artistic courts. We will be using the neighbouring enclosed soccer court with kind permission from the Zoo Lake Users Committee. So hockey and art lovers should definitely come to this!

Then the 2nd day is for the rolling mountain lovers. Yip, Muni, all day long. Ever been to the Van Gaalen Cheese Farm in Harties? Such a nice venue to start and finish a ride. And the ride is fun, gnarly, daring, friendly, flowy, oh did I mention fun? It’s an all levels park but you must be able to do IUF Base Level 1 and can ride 6-12km’s on dirt; it’s mostly single track. When I think back to Van Gaalen I am reminded of the long bamboo tunnels and floating bridge. Anyhoo, fun! Here’s an oldie from the ballies of a ride we did at Van Gaalen.

The last day…

You know all those YouTube videos you watch of riders at skateparks? We want you to experience those videos and have booked Thrashers Skatepark in Pretoria. We have exclusive use of the main area for the morning. Exclusive use!  We’ve asked Thrashers if we can add loose obstacles to the area? They said yes and they have a few bits and bobs they can direct our way on the day. Now listen humans… this is a cool opportunity to collaborate and do more radness as a group. Shaun Devenish is already plotting and planning about obstacles, trailers and padding. Filming could be an option. Like, we have a skatepark!

The afternoon will be moved to the court for IUF Skill Level Testing. Huh, what? This was introduced at the 2017 convention. It’s a list of skills or exercises that teach the basic unicycling skills and general movement patterns. The building blocks that make us get better and explore outside of our comfort zone. Last year we used the 1998 levels. This year we will be using the current levels. They are broken into 3 level systems; Base (1-3), Freestyle and Extreme (1-9). They are extremely beneficial exercises with considerate guidance to see progression.

We will be testing your ability and giving out certificates confirming your ranking on the levels. So get practicing! If you want to download the levels then scroll down to the representative box on the schedule. Click, click, click 🙂

So… how the locations sounding? Like, ja, sounds good.

We have an amazing established relationship with artist Nico Venter. He has produced a striking artwork which we will be printing onto t-shirts. We feel privledged that Nico chose to design the UniDaba 2018 image along with our new amazing logo. Dankie maatjie!

There is also a prize section on this page. Some suggestions have been made but we want your input for categories and potential prizes. Pretty please.

Overall, we think the upcoming convention is going to be a great meet-up. There are new and old faces that need to mingle on their wheels. Or off if you prefer. We’ve done our part. We’ve provided a space for you to play. We now invite you to come be a unicyclist for a weekend. Bring your family and friends. We’re that kind of broad spectrum.

Date  Discipline Location & Description
Day 1
Saturday 30th
Locations: Zoo Lake Basketball Courts
Details in each disciplines block.

8:00 – 12:00

Unicycle Hockey
  • Address: Zoo Lake Basketball Courts, unpainted hockey court.
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/AEd9StxoJx92
  • Bring a black and white t-shirt so that we can distinguish between teams.
  • Bring your hockey stick. There will be sticks to hire if you don’t have one.
  • Among having our regional unicyclists battling it out we will also be celebrating the 14th year that Uni-Hoki has been in South Africa. The first official game was held on 3 July 2004 at Ranger’s In-Line Hockey Rink in Linden, Johannesburg. It was organised by Dave Walters.
  • The floating trophy will be awarded to the best player who should hand it over to the best player at UniDaba 2019. But hey, trophies float.

12:00 – sunset

Social Gathering
  • Address: TBC – We were considering staying at Zoo Lake for a braai vibe.

    • Anyone got any ideas?
    • Laundrie Potgieter is compiling a list of games for us to play. One of them being Unicycle Jousting.
  • Google Map:
Day 2
Sunday 1st
Location:  Van Gaalen Cheese Farm (MTB, Hiking/ Running Trails and Restaurant)

8:00 – 17:00

(Mountain Unicycling)
  • Address: Van Gaalen Cheese Farm, Skeerport (Hartebeespoort)
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/FyJwYdJB7Sk
  • Trail Fees: Excluded from convention fee
    • Riders – R50
    • Runners/ Hikers -R25
    • Children under 16 years – Free
    • Spectators not on trails – Free
  • Trail Information: https://www.mtbtrailreviewsa.co.za/2016/01/97.html
  • Unicyclist Information:
    • Water on the trail is essential. The easiest way to carry water is by means of a hydration pack.
    • Protective gear (i.e. helmet, gloves, knee/ shin guards)
    • To have an enjoyable experience we would recommend that you can do IUF Base Level 1:
      • Free Mount
      • Dismount
      • Ride your unicycle easily for 6-12km’s. On dirt and single-track.
    • Take responsibility for yourself
    • We are splitting the day into 2 rides;
      • The morning ride is meeting at 7:45 to be on the trail by 8:00.
      • The afternoon ride will be ready to roll after lunch.
  • Cycle Shop at Van Gaalen: Will be closed on Sunday.
  • Demo: Van Gaalen has offered a space for us to do a demo in front of the restaurant. They have a collection of pallets, a bridge and other obstacles that we can use. We have not confirmed that we will do a demo but we’d like to make you aware that the option is available to unicyclists.
Lunch 13:00 – 14:00 Van Gaalen Cheese Farm Restaurant

It is preferred to not bring our own food. We’ve been asked to support the restaurant which offers cheese platters, breakfasts, burgers, toasted sandwiches and drinks.

Day 3
Monday 2nd
Location:  Thrashers Skatepark
Details in each disciplines block.


9:00 – 13:00

Urban Trials & Street

(Main Area)

  •  Address: Trashers Skatepark, 241 Serene St, Garsfontein, Pretoria.
  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/tSVoywyyjp42
  • Entrace Fee: Included in the convention fee.
  • Community Involvement:
    • We would like to make the main area more unicycle friendly. This will be achieved by adding pallets and other obstacles to the area. If you can contribute to this by means of pallets, obstacles, trailers, rubber mats and padding then please get in contact with us for planning purposes.
    • Thrashers has asked that any heavy structures be placed on rubber mats or similar padding as to not damage the floor surface.
Lunch  13:00 – 14:00
  • Excluded from convention fee
  • Darkslide Cafe is the newest addition to Thrashers. Serving delicious meals, including the famous cheeseburger slider with Chef Kieran’s hand cut fries.
  • Bring cash to fill your tum tum.

14:00 – 17:00

IUF Level Testing – for ranking


  • Don’t know what this is?
    • “The IUF Skill Levels are a training instrument to help riders progress with logical learning steps. The Skill Levels teach the basic unicycling skills and general movement patterns. With the Skill Levels riders learn a broad range of unicycling skills and a solid basic education to get them started with the higher class of unicycling skills.The main reason for a skill in a certain level is that skills are learned in the right order (as opposed to the public believe they are sorted by difficulty). Thus the levels depend on each other and require a learner to do skills from the former level(s). That is to ensure a clever order for learning. Riders don’t need to struggle on a certain skill or overload themselves because they already learned the requirements before”.
  • Download the 3 Levels
  • We’ve asked our favourite artist; Nico Venter to design 3 certificates to acknowledge your accomplished skills. Working through the Levels creates a deeper understanding of the our practice.
  • This written resource called IUF Standard Skills List explains the various skills as per their movement groupings.
  • Googling video’s is another resource. Choose experienced unicyclists with a larger selection of online content. You want to see a good riding career from the people you choose to follow advice from. Choose someone you understand.


These are some suggestions of prize categories.  We invented them but in all honesty we don’t know what you guys want. Or what disciplines you pursue. We’d really really really like the community to roll up and get involved here. So get hold of us.

Category  Description
Unicycle Hockey Player of the match. Please bring the floating trophy on the day
IUF Levels Testing Certificates will be given to all participating unicyclists confirming the category and number of successfully completed levels (i.e. Extreme Level 5)
Street Course Challenge I’m sure there will be a something of something here.
Urban Trials Challenge Maybe some more something here.
UniDaba Fails Best bail.
Gear The most pimped ride. This ones for the gear junkies.
Social Media Tagging #unidaba #unidaba2018 #oddwheelunicycles #gautengunicyclepal #unicyclelifeSA


Hosting an event for a community costs money. Bottom line. We fortunately had a small start-up float which was generated at UniDaba 2017 and other community donations. This is not enough to cover the money already spent to get this far with planning a convention for you and your buddies. So far we have spent money on:

  • The venue rental at Thrashers
  • Design fees for t-shirts, stickers, marketing banners on social media and certificates.
  • The new and ‘official’ UniDaba logo. This logo was designed with longevity in mind so that it can be used for a few years.

We would like to offer prizes and reimburse the additional money that has been put into the pot thus far. We would also like to have the equal sum of money of 2018 hosting costs available to start the 2019 convention. As the years pass we hope the money in the pot will increase so that we can improve on the convention.

There is a convention registration fee to bring this vision to the foreground.  The organisers are not receiving compensation for their resources (i.e. time, knowledge, skill and network).

Convention Registration Fee


Early Bird
Closes 18 May 2018
(We recommend this option for families)
3 Days R600.00
  2 Days R480.00
1 Day R250.00
  • Confirm via email.
  • List the name/s of unicyclist/s.
  • List your chosen payment option.
  • List the days you will be attending:
    • 1st Day – Unicycle Hockey
    • 2nd Day – Mountain Unicycling
    • 3rd Day – Urban Trials & Street and IUF Level Testing
  • Receive your invoice for immediate payment:
    • EFT
      • Quick, easy, cheap
    • Cash deposit will require you to pay an additional cash deposit fee.
      • At a FNB ATM is cheaper.
      • At a FNB teller is more expensive.
Additional Fees at Locations Day 1

30 June 2018

  • Hockey stick rental
  • Everything at the social gathering
Day 2

1 July 2018

  • Trail Fees
    • Riders – R50
    • Runners/ Hikers -R25
    • Children under 16 years – Free
    • Spectators not on trails – Free
  • Food at Van Gaalen
Day 3

2 July 2018

  • Food at Darkslide Cafe
Merchandise Fees Shirts TBC (To be confirmed)
Stickers R50 – R60


T-Shirt for Adults N/A
T-Shirt for Kids N/A
Sticker Pack 1 http://oddwheel.co.za/shop/gifts/unicyclists-ow-url-sticker-set/
Sticker Pack 2 http://oddwheel.co.za/shop/gifts/unicyclists-sticker-set/


WhatsApp Group (Primary)
  • Join the WhatsApp group. Confirmation and changes will happen via the group. There are many people on the group to respond quickly.
  • Any changes to meeting locations, times, directions are going to happen via the WhatsApp platform.
  • This link has been deleted because of unsavoury spamming. Thanks a lot Spammer. The UniDaba 2018 WhatsApp group is now private. Email OddWheel if you would like to join the convention.
Facebook (Secondary)
Donna Kisogloo (Maybe)
  • It’s gonna be a super busy time for me. I urge you to use the WhatsApp group.
  • 0824422108
  • sales@oddwheel.co.za
Shaun Devenish
  • It’s gonna be a super busy time for me. I urge you to use the WhatsApp group.
  • 0723279294
  • smdevy@gmail.com

no helmet, no ride !!!!

OddWheel Unicycles/ Donna Kisogloo/ Gauteng Unicycle Pal/ Shaun Devenish will take no responsibility or hold any liability for your actions as a rider.  By default and by nature of our sport, “You” and “Your parents/ guardians” being an attendee of UniDaba 2018 accept and understand these terms. In the event on an emergency please ensure your medical details are on your person at all times along with contact details of your parents/ guardians. You know your limits and should ride within them. If you don’t then be prepared to hurt yourself and take ownership of your decisions and choices.

PLEASE invite people who might like to come to a unicycle convention in South Africa.