Choosing the right size Uni

Measure your inside leg seam from crotch to floor to determine which size unicycle is suited to you.

Wheel Size Leg Length Min|Max (Standard) Leg Length Min|Max (Shortened)
12″ 50cm – 61.5cm 47cm – 61.5cm
16″ 60cm – 74cm 51cm – 74cm
18″ 76cm -81cm 58cm – 81cm
20″ 71cm – 84cm 61cm – 84cm
24″ 79cm – 92cm 69cm – 92cm
26″ 81cm – 93cm 74cm – 93cm
27.5″ 81cm – 103cm 71cm – 103cm
29″ 86cm – 106cm 76cm – 106cm
36″ 75cm – 110cm 75cm – 110cm

How long will it take me to learn to ride a uni?

This is how long it took Erlo Brown to ride a unicycle. He is a South African currently working in Korea.

How to assemble a Unicycle

Instructions for assembling a beginner unicycle and a giraffe unicycle.

NB: Take special note about the cranks, pedals and rolling direction of the wheelset.

How to ride your Unicycle

How to mount your Unicycle

Free mounting is an essential skill to being a Unicyclist. If you can’t mount without a aid then you can’t rightfully call yourself a Unicyclist.

Tips on learning this essential skill…

Help & Support

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