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Park Play Sessions | Cape Town & Johannesburg

17/11/2019 @ 13:00 - 18:00

- Free

Park Play Sessions are a monthly gathering of the Balance / Flow / Cirque / Movement communities held at Keurboom Park in Cape Town. Sessions usually take place on the 2nd last Sunday of every month.

Things you might find us getting up to include balancing on slack lines, doing acroyoga, spinning poi, smiling, hula hooping, unicycling, juggling stuff, playing backgammon, lying in the sun, doing aerial acrobatics and a whole bunch more.

This is a community event that is free and non-monetised. It is about bringing together our different styles of movement and expression so that we may share, play, learn, laugh and have fun together – all the while being active and outdoors.

We welcome anyone and everyone onto the playground! If you would like to explore something new, simply ask someone to show you 🙂

Bring blankets and a picnic
Bring toys, games, props or apparatus
Bring the courage to try something new
Bring yourself, friends and family
Bring a 4 legged companion (well socialised ones)
Bring the things that make you happy

Where to find us: in Keurboom Park, Rondebosch, Cape Town. We meet on the Western side of the park, next to the canal. Parking is in Squirrels Way.

• Please remember that drinking alcohol in a public space is illegal in South Africa. Also, the intention of this event is to engage in physical activity where co-ordination is essential – alcohol inhibits this.
• We are a trusting and honest community where theft is frowned upon. Be mindful of your belongings and others.
• Remember to respect the residents – ONLY quiet acoustic instruments are welcome. NO sound systems please.
• Please ensure tree protection is used for all slacklines.
• Please consider blooming plant life like flowers when walking, playing or riding around.

• All activities undertaken are at the risk of the person doing so.
• It is the responsibility of all attendees of PPS to ensure safe practice with the use and rigging of all equipment.
• Please ask permission to use someone’s equipment
• Please respect the aerial/pole equipment: bring your own resin/dry hands and please NO jewellery or clothes with metal zips, buttons, buckles, etc.
• Aerial Activities: If you can’t do a pull up do NOT attempt anything beyond the basics by yourself – please ask for guidance!!

• All children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. It is the responsibility of the parents / guardians to monitor your children’s behaviour and ensure that they are doing activities within their limits. If the activity is outside of their skill set then it is the responsibility of the parents / guardians to ensure a lesson is given in the equipment they would like to explore.
• Do NOT leave children unattended on aerial equipment.

By no means will the collective that hold space be held liable for anything that happens at any of the Park Play Sessions.

EXTRA note for the AERIAL folk:

• If you have little or no experience with rigging please make a request for assistance on the event page BEFORE the day.
• If you’d like to rig aerial equipment (silks, lyra, etc.) please ensure that you get to the park early to rig with the necessary safety equipment.
• Trapeze and aerial hoops should be rigged out of reach of young children. Silks must be tied up when not in use.
• Please do not attempt to teach any tricks beyond the basics to individuals who cannot hold their own body weight.
• ALWAYS have a spotter when attempting dangerous tricks.

A big carnie THANK YOU!

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