OddWheel Unicycles has been rolling around South Africa since 2006; born in Johannesburg to later relocate to Cape Town in 2009.

Our business of UNICYCLING is a pursuit of passion that we enthusiastically nurture on a daily basis:

  • We import and trade high quality Unicycles and components for the South African market.
  • We teach, coach and up skill Unicyclists from beginner to advanced in all the disciplines.
  • We embrace Unicycling and it’s community. We collaborate with other communities.
  • We offer a professional service with a friendly disposition.

Who’s behind OddWheel?

In late 2013 Donna Kisogloo gained sole ownership of OddWheel Unicycles.

Originally a hobbyist Juggler from the age of 17 years old. I spent many hours and years mastering the art of Juggling. My time spent moving within various movement based environments exposed me to many balance, flow and circus arts. As you may or may not know Unicycling traditionally is a circus art.

Working as an employee at OddWheel Unicycles 4 years prior to taking it over aided my development of the technical knowledge of Unicycles. It also gave me the time to build my skill set up as a Unicyclist but specifically a Mountain Unicyclist.

All Unicyclists have their accolades. I won’t mention them all, just the ones that make you go WOW:

  • Completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour of 2012 and 2014 on a geared 29” Unicycle. Currently the only woman to have pedaled the 109 km’s by Unicycle.
  • Participated in the Single Speed World Champs of 2012 in Winterton, Kwa-Zulu Natal. A 27 km Muni course where I placed 2nd out of 10 Unicyclists. All being men of course.

In early 2015 I founded Park Play Sessions. This is a community event that happens in Cape Town and Johannesburg on the 2nd last Sunday of each month. It is about bringing together our different styles of movement and expression so that we may share, play, learn, teach, laugh and have fun together. This is where my deeper exploration of teaching began.

Park Play Sessions led me to a partnership called Moving Humans.
“Our goal is to bring together communities of movers. To gather some of the best, most skilled and passionate teachers in a diverse range of movement practices to teach workshops and offer talks that will both literally and figuratively move you. And, ultimately, we look forward to attracting a combination of local and global movers to our beautiful home of Cape Town, South Africa”.

I will happily share my odd passions with you; Unicycling, Juggling, Slacklining and Surfing.

Keep it Wheel

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