Who’s behind OddWheel?

OddWheel Unicycles is run by a spunky little carnie named Donna Kisogloo. In late 2013 Donna took sole ownership of OddWheel Unicycles.

You ask, “How does someone become a unicycle specialist?” This is how Donna did it…

I come from a juggling background. Throwing objects in the air since I was 17 years old. Spending many an hour and year juggling with a small committed crew from Johannesburg. Hanging out with carnie’s means you’ll be exposed to most of the balance, flow and circus arts at some point. As you may or may not know unicycling traditionally is a circus art.

Working at OddWheel for 4 years prior to taking it over, I helped to build the unicycling community in South Africa. Ensuring that it was not only seen as a circus skill but an alternative, edging on extreme sport. These 4 years gave me the technical knowledge of unicycles and the time to build my skill set up as a unicyclist but more specifically a mountain unicyclist. Apparently, I’m still considered one of South Africa’s strongest female unicyclists and jugglers.  At least that is what my small committed crew tell me.

I’ve completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour of 2012 & 2014 on a geared 29er and am currently the only woman to have done the Cycle Tour on a unicycle. I also participated in the Single Speed World Champs of 2012 in Winterton, KZN. Myself and my male riding partner rode side by side on the 27km Muni course and together crossed the finish line in front of 8 other male unicyclists.

In early 2015 I started arranging a once a month gathering called Park Play Sessions which brings together people from the Balance / Flow / Cirque / Movement communities. Here we share, learn and teach each other about our arts and the skills within them. The event is free of charge and family friendly. This is where my exploration of teaching unicycling, juggling and slacklining began.

OddWheel is my child that I’ve nurtured and loved for years. This caring motherly attitude is extended to all the customers of OddWheel and my personal community. When you enter the OddWheel community you become a family member.

Keep it Wheel

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P.S.: We support a cause, it’s called auSOMEtism, find out more.