Choosing the right size Uni

Measure your inside leg seam from crotch to floor to determine which size unicycle is suited to you.

Wheel Size Leg Length Min|Max (Standard) Leg Length Min|Max (Shortened)
12″ 50cm – 61.5cm 47cm – 61.5cm
16″ 60cm – 74cm 51cm – 74cm
18″ 76cm -81cm 58cm – 81cm
20″ 71cm – 84cm 61cm – 84cm
24″ 79cm – 92cm 69cm – 92cm
26″ 81cm – 93cm 74cm – 93cm
27.5″ 81cm – 103cm 71cm – 103cm
29″ 86cm – 106cm 76cm – 106cm
36″ 75cm – 110cm 75cm – 110cm

Uni 101: How to Mount, Ride and Dismount a Unicycle

Donna Kisogloo, owner of OddWheel Unicycles, is in the process of making a ‘how to’ video.

Her motivation for this project is that there is a lot of bad information online. She was annoyed that the sport of unicycling wasn’t growing locally. The overall skill level was very disappointing when compared to the Europeans, Asians and Americans. She wanted to find a solution to solve the problem. Video’s are easy to watch and can easily be circulated. If it were for free then it would circulate widely.

Problem = Solution

The first process of making a video is writing it down. This is how we come up with a shot list which later gets filmed. The process of getting the information out of my head and written down resulted in a great tutorial. Donna dedicated 2 weeks to writing this tutorial so that it could be easily understood and broken down into manageable pieces for your daily practice.

We offer you this tutorial from an experienced unicyclist and teacher of the sport.

Our focus is to make unicyclists out of people and develop a strong community in South Africa that can compete in the international arena.

Want the ‘Uni 101’ tutorial?

How to assemble a Unicycle

Instructions for assembling a beginner unicycle and a giraffe unicycle.

NB: Take special note about the cranks, pedals and rolling direction of the wheelset.

Help & Support

OddWheel Unicycles is South Africa’s only unicycling specific online store with an active community of riders and balance minded enthusiasts. Our experience and knowledge of the sport will guide and nurture you into the wonderful world of one wheeling. Need advice about choosing a product or whatever, get in touch: