The Shop – Autumn Group Order

Autumn is here which means lots of saddle time in the mountain!

31/03/2023/by GirleeRyder

What to know about long distance road races on a unicycle

Not being a born and bred Capetonian, it was said to me by the…
15/02/2023/by GirleeRyder

The Shop – OddWheel Unicycles

What a journey the past decade has been!

This small niche…
08/12/2022/by GirleeRyder

Getting Started on a Unicycle

Our experience and knowledge of the sport will guide and nurture you into the wonderful world of one wheeling. Choose the right Uni, join the community.
16/07/2021/by GirleeRyder

Uni101: Learner Compilation

15/07/2021/by GirleeRyder

What learning to ride a unicycle is teaching me about life after death

By Don Shay, Hermanus

My soulmate of 34-years, Suellen,…
20/06/2021/by GirleeRyder

Gray is the Brightest Colour

By Shaun Murphy

I haven’t thought about a unicycle in…
15/06/2021/by GirleeRyder

UniDaba 2018

10/07/2018/by GirleeRyder

UniDaba 2017

24/08/2017/by GirleeRyder

Kwaai Neh? Gravel and Grape

A few month’s ago I stumbled upon this stage race that fit…
12/05/2017/by GirleeRyder

The Chirps We Get When Riding

09/04/2017/by GirleeRyder

From Circus to Extreme Sports | News 24

06/03/2017/by GirleeRyder

Let’s Get Sleepy – Dawn of the Riding Dead, 24hrs of Oak Valley 2017!

By Shaun Engelbrecht

What are you on about now Shaun! Well…
01/02/2017/by GirleeRyder

CT Calls-Out Joburg

12/12/2016/by GirleeRyder

OddWheel by Nic Paidas

01/11/2016/by GirleeRyder

Shova on a Unicycle for auSOMEtism

By Gray Braatvedt

Last year I promised that if I did a sub-3…
18/10/2016/by GirleeRyder

Charl’s House of Fun

By James Dicks

A short while ago, a friend contacted us about…
26/09/2016/by GirleeRyder

Unicon 18 in San Sebastian, Spain

09/09/2016/by GirleeRyder

‘Gogga’ – A Unicycle Adventure Film

27/07/2016/by GirleeRyder

UniDaba 2016

By Owen Venter

With corrections and slight elaborations by…
28/06/2016/by GirleeRyder

Between the Rocklands and a High Place

I spent the three days before the highline festival in the southern…
12/04/2016/by GirleeRyder

Trail Review – Meerendal, Durbanville, Western Cape

Let's Get Sweaty

By Shaun Engelbrecht

Now summer is in…
14/02/2016/by GirleeRyder

Sending the Life Line

Another beautiful day in the Berg! Another day of work as an…
09/02/2016/by GirleeRyder

“different, not less”

We all know that Unicycling is a challenge when you embark upon…
04/12/2015/by GirleeRyder

Jono’s Downhill Descent of Kilimanjaro

By Jonathan Benjamin

Mount Kilimanjaro isn't a physically…
16/10/2015/by GirleeRyder

Kilimanjaro 2 by 1

6 Years. 6 Year’s of what? Being involved in the development…
26/08/2015/by GirleeRyder

Trail Review – Bottelary Hills, Kuils River, Western Cape

Let's Get Wet

By Shaun Engelbrecht

So I think it is about…
29/07/2015/by GirleeRyder


By Ivan Nathan Van Vuuren

13 Year old, Nathan Van Vuuren (aka…
15/07/2015/by GirleeRyder

Trail Review – Contermanskloof, Durbanville, Western Cape

Let's Get Dirty

By Shaun Engelbrecht

We seem to have…
10/07/2015/by GirleeRyder

Welcome to Slacklands

By James Dicks

"There are few feelings as pure as being…
10/07/2015/by GirleeRyder

The Gift of the New Moon (Afrika Burn 2015)

10/06/2015/by GirleeRyder

Graff, 1Wheel & Urban $#!t

10/06/2015/by GirleeRyder

One Love: Discovering the Wheel

16/05/2015/by GirleeRyder

Unicycling in South Africa #oddwheelunicycles

10/04/2015/by GirleeRyder


10/03/2015/by GirleeRyder

David Eave Talks to Sportsview

11/02/2015/by GirleeRyder

Fine Line

10/02/2015/by GirleeRyder

A Notch in the Uni Belt

21/11/2014/by GirleeRyder

Representing at Unicon 17

29/07/2014/by GirleeRyder



Learn. Understand. Help. This is our mantra;…
15/06/2014/by GirleeRyder

Walking the Highline

28/05/2014/by GirleeRyder

Results of a Wheelie Windy Argus

10/03/2014/by GirleeRyder

Reflection of a Unicyclist – Training for Argus 2014

24/02/2014/by GirleeRyder

Uni Dah Ba 2012

10/11/2012/by GirleeRyder