A large part of your success to learning and mastering the unicycle is based on the information you are given or not. Unicycling is easy and safe when you understand it’s mechanics and your physical relationship to it.

What is mechanics? Mechanics is the area of physics concerned with the motions of macroscopic objects. Forces applied to objects result in displacements, or changes of an object’s position relative to its environment ~ Wikipedia.

We want to turn beginners into Unicyclists. We want to see the thrill on your face when you are riding unassisted. We want you to tick it off your bucket list.

Below is OddWheel’s selection of great learning material.

Perhaps these videos did or didn’t work for you? Perhaps you want to purchase the OddWheel Unicycles tutorial? It might be because you prefer a written tutorial or you would like to say thank you to OddWheel for pointing you in the right direction.