The Shop – Autumn Group Order

Autumn is here which means lots of saddle time in the mountain!

In December 2022 I informed the community that OddWheel would not be replenishing stock from the manufacturers but rather facilitate two shared group airfreight orders. The first in autumn which is now and the second in spring.

It’s time to start compiling the first order. If you are wanting to be apart of it then follow the instructions below to calculate costs and see if it is within your budget.

  • Visit in the UK – OddWheel has a longstanding relationship here and is the best stocked UDC outlet. The European ones will not ship too SA. Brexit changed the trade agreements.
  • Find your products and email ( or WhatsApp (+27824422108) with the links. I want to see the product pages.
    • If you have technical questions about compatibility of components please ask me. I am here for you.
  • How to figure out if this is within your budget in ZAR?
    • Add items to your UDC UK shopping cart. The 20% UK sales tax will be deducted.
      • Write down the total GBP value of your cart.
      • Convert it to ZAR.
    • To calculate shipping to 9 Alexander Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7945, South Africa.
      • Select DHL Worldwide.
      • Write down the GBP shipping value.
      • Convert it to ZAR.
      • Your shipping should be less than this because of the collective package vs an individual package. This is the worse case scenario.
    • SA VAT
      • Add 15% to your ZAR value of items. Don’t add VAT to the shipping.
    • Customs Duties
      • This will be calculated on landing.
      • Unicycles and most components don’t have duties.
        • Tyres and tubes will have an environmental levy. It’s small.
      • Clothing has high duties.
    • SA Courier fee is minor and divided between the group.
    • Total = your estimated ZAR total should be; goods + shipping + VAT.
    • Delete your order from the UDC system as to not annoy the UDC team. Please.

I will ask a 70% deposit to place your order. This provides me with enough capital to start the order and ensures you honour your part. Please bear in mind that the GBP is high at the moment! The average for March is R22.30 to £1. The February average was R21.60 and January was R20.75.

The timeline of the order:

  • I would like to place the order on Tues, 2 May.
  • Deposit deadline on Tues, 2 May.
    • People get paid at different times. The 27th of April and 1 May are both public holidays and will wobble the routine.
  • Compiling and discussing your order.
    • Sooner rather than later. I don’t order via the website. There will be a little bit of back and forth conversation with you and UDC UK.
  • Delivery to Cape Town will be 7-10 days from time of paying for the order.

UDC UK offers OddWheel a reseller discount which is low. I don’t make money off this endeavour. Marking items up will make them even more expensive in these tough economic times. Instead I have chosen to add a service fee per person of 10%. The service fee will only be charged on goods and not shipping or VAT. Therefore your final estimated ZAR total is:

  • ZAR goods total + 10% OW service fee + ZAR shipping + VAT = your estimated total.

Please bear in mind that the exchange rate and shipping rates fluctuate, meaning your order value can go up or down. Paying your deposit confirms that you are committing to paying the full value of what you have ordered. The final price will be on the day I receive an invoice.

Ok Uni-Cats, off you go to to compile your lists.